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Mahogany Solid Beds-Various Sizes



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Mahogany Executive Solid Beds are premium mahogany beds with top of class design and make.

It provides comfort, elegance, style and durability as well as very unique beds at an very affordable price.

Mahogany Solid Beds Various Sizes and Prices

4 x 6 Fts=40,000kshs, as well as,

5 x 6 Fts=50,000kshs{king size}, as well as,

6 x 6 Fts=60,000kshs{super king}.

We have an extensive range of mahogany solid beds at Shopping Research Consultants.

Mahogany is a very durable and hard wearing wood; this makes it ideal for making beds.

We use our beds every day and spend a lot of time in them so it is essential that they last a long time.

Our mahogany beds come in 3 standard sizes – 4’6 size, 5′ king size and 6′ super king.

All of the mahogany beds come with a mahogany solid bed frame and slats to support the mattress.

Most come partially assembled for easier transportation and are easy to put together by hand.

A lot of our mahogany solid beds feature intricate and decorative hand carved detailing.

We have traditional sleigh beds and rattan beds which offer a gorgeous and fashionable look.

Many of our beds are reproductions of traditional antique bed designs and modern style beds.

We also offer beautiful contemporary examples also.

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