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  2. a) Wall Mounted Whiteboard.
  3. b) Portable One-Sided with Wheels
  4. c) Portable Double Sided with Wheels
  5. d) Portable Rotating Double Sided with Wheels
  6. e) Portable Tripod Whiteboard
  7. f) Portable Tripod Magnetic Whiteboard
  8. g) Wall Mounted Magnetic Whiteboard.
  9. h) Portable One-Sided Magnetic Whiteboard with Wheels.
  10. i) Portable Double-Sided Magnetic Whiteboard With Wheels
  11. k) Whiteboard Easel (Flipchart Board and Stand)
  12. l) Graph Board Wall Mounted and Portable
  13. m) Printed Whiteboard Wall Mounted and Portable
  14. n) Executive Picture and Photo Frames

0) Poster Snap-Frames

  1. p) School Timetables Boarders/Institutions Timetables Boarders.
  2. q) Duty Roaster Plans Boarders.
  3. r) Service Charter Boarders.
  4. s) i) Noticeboards/Pin boards Executive –Presidential Fabric
  5. ii) Noticeboards/Pin boards Elegant –Jamaican Fabric

iii) Standard Noticeboards/ Pin boards

iii) Plain noticeboards.

  1. t) Flipchart Board with Rollable Wheels
  2. u) Kids Wooden Easel (Kids Whiteboard and Flipchart)
  3. v) Glass Sliding Noticeboards.
  4. x) Green Whiteboard –Wall Mounted

-Tripod Stand

-Portable One-Sided with Wheels

-Portable Double-Sided with Wheels


  2. a) School Chairs- Lecturer Chair With Basket and Writing Arm

– Lecturer Chair with Writing Arm but No Basket

–  Student Chair

  1. b) Student Locker and Desks
  2. c) Computer Desks All Types
  3. d) Computer Desk Partitioning
  4. e) School Beds- Double Deckers and Single Beds
  5. f) School Whiteboards, Graph Boards, Notice Boards and Guidelines Whiteboards
  6. g) Gates and Doors (Both Metallic and Wooden)
  7. h) School Laboratory Fittings/Installation-Gas Fittings; Clean Water & Drainage System etc.
  8. i) School Laboratory Tables and Stools/Chairs
  9. j) Library Shelves-Both Metallic and Wooden
  10. k) School Boxes- Different Sizes and Sheet Material and Metallic Baskets.
  11. l) School Dining Tables and Desks.
  12. m) School Timetables, Duty Roasters, Target Boards etc.
  13. n) Kids Whiteboards and Blackboard with Chalk and Duster Tray
  14. o) Energy Saving Jikos, Metallic Watering Can
  15. p) Smoked (Fume) Chambers etc.
  16. q) Plumbing
  18. a) Office Partitioning- Aluminum Partitioning

–  Glass Partitioning

– Gypsum/Drywall Partitioning

– Block Board Partitioning etc.

  1. b) Ceiling- Gypsum Ceiling

– Acoustic Ceiling

-P.V.C Ceiling

-Chipboard Ceiling

– MDF Ceiling etc.

  1. c) Tiling- Granite and Paguet
  2. d) All Types of Gates- Iron, Steel, Nigerian Designs etc.
  3. e) Wardrobe Fittings
  4. f) All Types of Doors and Door Fittings- Metallic, Wooden and Flush Doors etc.
  5. g) Windows, Staircase, Balcony, Grills etc. and Their Fittings
  6. h) Gutters, Kitchen Fittings
  7. i) Wheel barrows- Large Wheel, Medium Wheel and Small Wheel
  8. j) Painting and Wall Master
  9. k) Sign Posters
  10. l) ATM Installations and Fittings
  11. m) Welding, Fabrication and Fittings
  12. n) Plumbing
  13. o) Posho Mill-One-Phase and 3- Phase
  14. p) Entertainment (club) Seats and Stools



  2. a) All Types Of Sofasets and Their Designs – Synthetic leather, Kangaroo Designs, Chester field, Mosart Box, Antique, Complicated antique etc.

All types of Dining and Coffee Tables

  1. b) Gas Burners-4, 3, 2, 1 burner
  2. c) Energy Saving Jikos-40,50,100,150,200 litres
  3. d) Smoke/Fume and/or Chimney Chambes
  4. e) Metallic Tea Uns
  5. f) All types of Metallic Beds
  6. g) Kitchen Fittings
  7. h) Metallic Washing Hand Can
  8. i) Cake and Bakery Tins-Round, Heart Square Tins, Bread Tins, Queen Cake Tins
  9. j) Dining Tables and Coffee Tables-All Types
  10. k) Wooden Beds
  11. l) Baking Oven
  12. m) Food Warmers
  13. n) Baking Prover
  14. o) Kitchen Tables/Working Tables
  15. p) Kitchen Sink
  16. q) Popcorn Machines
  17. r) Deep Fryers
  18. s) Chips Cutter
  19. t) Kdf/ Mandazi deep fryers
  20. u) Potato Peelers
  21. v) Meat Grills
  22. w) Trolleys-Transport
  23. x) African Wooden Cooking Stick (Mwiko)
  24. y) Wardrobes
  25. z) Clothe Shelves

Water Plastic Drums

  2. a) Document Holders
  3. b) Executive Conferences Podiums, Photobooth and Backdrop and Stage Constructions and Carpets
  4. c) Church Pulpits- Toughened Glass, MDF, Blackboard etc.
  5. d) Kids Learning Machine/Laptops- Letters, Words, Mathematics, Memory, Logic, Music, Games and Tools.
  6. e) HDMI and VGA Cables and Their Converters
  7. f) Men’s Designer Wallets
  8. g) Ink Pads etc.

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